.Net GUI for legacy APL & Overview of the APL session

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.Net GUI for legacy APL & Overview of the APL session

Postby phpbb_admin » August 16th, 2007, 1:57 pm

Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 10:00am EST

This webcast will show how to take functional legacy APL code, and add a .Net GUI front end. You will also see an overview of the features in the Visual APL session in Visual Studio.

Create a GUI front end for a legacy APL application

Taking a legacy APL application and creating a new .Net GUI as its front-end can add tremendous value to a product, with little overall effort.

There are many APL applications designed in legacy systems which do not have any user interface except simple session interaction, because traditionally it is a tedious and expensive process to create viable and usable user interfaces.

With Visual APL and Visual Studio, user interfaces are literally only a click away with Windows Application templates and drag and drop UI designers.

This GUI code is entirely seperate from the APL application logic, and normally only requires a few entry points to be exposed by the APL application its self for the GUI to fully expose the functionality of the application. With a little more effort, extremely customized GUI's can be created with the myriad of .Net UI controls built into the .Net framework.

This webcast will show how to take a workspace which has only session interaction as its current user interface, and with little or no changes to the original APL code add a rich .Net GUI.

APL Session Overview

Having a Session in Visual Studio is an extremely powerful and unique tool in the world of .Net programming. The Visual APL session incorporates the most useful session features found in legacy APL IDE environments, and greatly expands upon them with tight Visual Studio integration.

This webcast will show an overview of the features available in the Visual APL session, and will cover in detail how to use each feature. This includes features such as script files, the session toolbar buttons, the available Session Commands, the Cielo Session project and template, and many more!
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