Visual APL and SQL Server 2005, Part 2

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Visual APL and SQL Server 2005, Part 2

Postby phpbb_admin » August 16th, 2007, 2:21 pm

Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 10:00am EST

This webcast will show how to use Visual APL in data source scenarios with SQL Server, focusing on using Visual APL as the data source for SQL queries!

Integrating Visual APL assemblies with SQL Server 2005, Part 2: Using Visual APL to control, manipulate, and act as the source of data for SQL queries.

SQL Server 2005 allows amazing integration with true .Net languages, such as Visual APL and C#. This integration allows .Net assemblies to control the output of SQL queries by calling functions in the assembly to perform as-needed data control and filtering during SQL queries.

Once the ground work has been laid for using these technologies in a Visual APL project, this WebCast will show a practical example of using Visual APL component files as a data source for queries run in SQL Server.

This webcast will cover some of the different options for sending data back and forth between Visual APL and SQL Server, including:

- An SQL Command
- A string message
- SQL data record
- SQL data reader
- Using Visual APL functions to produce data as it is needed by an SQL query, allowing the explicit control of data type and content.

This WebCast will also cover the basics of Table Value Functions, including:

- How you can define them and use them is Visual APL.
- How there are two functions involved in the process, one that defines an enumeration for SQL to iterate across, and the second which actually builds the data for every member of the enumeration, at the moment that the member is requested by SQL Server.

This webcast will cover how to use “outâ€
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