Innovative features in Visual Studio

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Innovative features in Visual Studio

Postby phpbb_admin » August 16th, 2007, 2:46 pm

Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 10:00am EST

This week, you will see some of the great new features in RC 5.1. Realtime dynamic syntax feedback, Full file syntax checking, Full Intellisense xml doc support, Greatly improved code flow symbol highlighting, And productivity features in Visual Studio

Realtime Syntax Feedback

A feature so useful, it is almost like your code writes its self! This exciting update in RC 5.1 dynamically verifies the syntax and structure of your code as you type each character, showing to you a constantly updating list of locations in your code which need to be clarified and finalized to be correct syntax. Each location is underlined in red to easily show where you need to program next to finish your statements, and each problem location has a related message telling you what part of the syntax was unexpected, so you know exactly what and where to type next.

Full File Syntax Verification

All new code which you insert into your apl files is dynamically checked for syntax consistency, and if any errors are found they are immediately reported to the error list. This means that as you paste large or small snippets of code into your code files, they are immediately checked for structure integrity and any inconsistencies are reported to you within seconds.

Improved Code Flow Highlighting

As you step through your application in debug mode in Visual Studio, each statement is highlighted as it is about to be executed, showing you the exact flow of your code while it is running. As of RC 5.1, this flow highlighting has been greatly improved for many of the control structures in Visual APL, which means that you can now easily watch how even the most complex of control structures is executed.

Visual Studio Productivity

There is a plethora of features in the Visual Studio IDE designed to make your programming experience as seamless and efficient as possible. This webcast will show a few of the most interesting features available to you in Visual Studio, including the code Toolbox, and the Task List.
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