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using System

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Thursday, February 01, 2007 at 10:00am EST

With some simple classes available by using System, you can replace with just a few lines of code what with legacy systems required entire workspaces of functions and support functions.
In legacy APL systems, APL programmers have had access to a hand full of built-in quad functions to perform what were considered some of the most common programming operations. While these proved useful, they were impractical for more volatile types of utilites, such as interfacing with high level network protocols like SMTP, or Date processing with all the nuances of date adjustment over time.

For these grunt work type utilities, there have been many and varied implementations of them created and distributed as APL workspaces, or even commercially purchased as a general utility library. Now, using Visual APL, for any given one of these operations there is almost certainly a .Net object which quickly and easily accomplishes the required task, and in many cases much more! And whats more, Microsoft continually works to update and maintain them.

Using Visual APL, you have access to thousands of methods and utilities on the over 4000 built in classes available to you in .Net.

Some of the operations you will see in this webcast are:

Dynamic code generation -- all the power of dynamic creation of APL, with some simple .Net technology to enhance the process.

Date manipulation -- adding, subtracting, comparing.

SMTP -- Send mail, and build a simple application to send it in real time.

Environment information -- system variables, available disks on the host system, and the users custom interface preferences.
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