Legacy Quad Functions & APL Variable Interaction

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Legacy Quad Functions & APL Variable Interaction

Postby phpbb_admin » August 16th, 2007, 3:08 pm

Thursday, January 18, 2007 at 10:00am EST

In this webcast, you will see some of the new features in RC 4.1: Importing legacy quad functions (like [quad]ncreate), and dynamic interaction between Visual APL and C# using the newly exported APL Variable type.

In .Net, you will find that as you create applications there are different runtime environments in which your code can be run. Some such environments include mobile devices, and restricted security user environments. Depending on what environment your application is intended to run under, you may or may not need access to certain System level resources, like disc access, or Windows Forms creation. As of RC 4.1, these features of the Visual APL language have been made optional, so that you can include them only when you need the functionality they provide.

Another new feature in RC 4.1 is the ability to use the APL Variable type in any other .Net language. This allows other .Net languages to interact directly with Visual APL functions, in ways which were not previously possible. Not only that, but languages such as C# can perform extremely dynamic data operations using the APL Variable as an amazingly simple catalyst. Some of the things you can do in C# with the APL Variable include: data conversion on assignment, virtually typeless definition of variables, dynamic conversion of data when calling functions, and a host of other familiar operations never before available in C#.
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