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)edit enhancement

PostPosted: October 1st, 2016, 4:59 am
by Ajay Askoolum
Enhance )edit:

1. Allow a file name as its argument; allowing it to create a new file or bring the contents of an existing file to the editor. Allow the saving of the file.
2. Incorporate syntax colouring for HTML, XML, and C# files. Would be a huge bonus if it could validate the file for the file type indicated by the file extension.

At present, APL+Win contrives a variable name when a files is specified:
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      )edit "e:\wip.sql" ⍝ Press Ctrl+e in the Editor
      )edit e:\wip.sql ⍝ Press Ctrl+e in the Editor
sql  wip
      ⍝ Different variables are created depending on whether the argument is wrapped in quotes
Should be quite straightforward to implement a basic facility:
1.Check if a file is specified
2. if file does not exist create it
3. Read the content into the editor
4. Ctrl+e writes the editor content to the file.