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APLNextSupervisor Overview

Postby joe_blaze » July 1st, 2010, 1:27 am

The APLNextSupervisor is a productivity platform for executing APL+Win functions in a multi‐threaded manner. When the computer hardware on which APL+Win has been installed has multiple processors or multiple ‘cores’, installing the APLNextSupervisor and configuring the APL+Win application system to use it means that programmer‐designated operations associated with APL+Win functions can be executed concurrently.

Concurrent execution of an APL+Win function means that the processing performed by that function occurs asynchronously with respect to other processes of the APL+Win application system. Thus the ‘main thread’ of an APL+Win application system is not ‘blocked’ while an APL+Win function of that application system is running concurrently because it is running in a ‘thread’.

Application systems which can identify sections of the processing algorithm that can be asynchronously executed can usually benefit from multi‐threading. Typically such application systems perform repeated,
in‐memory processing of a collection of similar data elements, such as those associated with time series, populations, stochastic processes, simulations, etc.

The APLNext Supervisor, which implements programmer-controlled multi-threading for the APL+Win programming language, will be included in the APL+Win v10 production release.
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