Passing array arguments

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Passing array arguments

Postby Ajay Askoolum » July 13th, 2020, 2:25 pm

Consider the following two statements
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      ←⎕cse 'ExecStmt' 'double[] abc = new double[]{12.3344,55.34343};' ⋄ ⎕cse 'GetValue' '((System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlString)sp.CreatePoint(abc).STAsText()).ToString()'
POINT (55.34343 12.3344)
I'd like to remove the first statement and pass the argument directly from APL (I seem to have some sort of mental block with this - nothing I've tried works!). So, the line will be something like
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⎕cse 'GetValue' '((System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlString)sp.CreatePoint({0}).STAsText()).ToString()' ?whatgoeshere
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