APL64 in the Forum

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APL64 in the Forum

Postby Ajay Askoolum » August 12th, 2022, 4:14 am

APL64 is backward compatible with APL+Win; therefore, all APL+Win topics in the forum will be applicable to APL64.


1. APL64 has new features that do not exist in APL+Win.
2. APL64 cannot write *.W3 workspaces although it can read them
3. APL+Win cannot read APL64 workspaces (*.ws64).
4. APL64 has C# Script Engine integrated whereas it is an installation option with APL+Win.

Therefore, it might be difficult/arduous to locate APL64 topics in the threads/classifications currently available in the forum.

Any plans to create/implement APL64 specific threads in the forum? I think three new threads/classifications, namely, APL64, APL64 C# Script Engine, APL64 User Contributed Files may be enough to isolate APL64 specific content.
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