Unicode - will variable and function names support unicode?

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Unicode - will variable and function names support unicode?

Postby brent hildebrand » October 4th, 2018, 2:25 pm

Thinking what it might be like to have variable and function names supported by unicode:

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    ∇ ret←Σ x
[1]   ret←+/x

Now one has the keyboard entry issue. OK, maybe not so good an idea, even a silly idea. Just thinking out loud!

How about easy to enter characters such as ⍺ and ⍵, used in Function definition? ⍺ referring to the right argument, and ⍵ to the left? Or just add them to valid APL function and variable characters?

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    ∇ ret←Sum ⍺
[1]   ret←+/⍺
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