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Product Name

Postby Eric.Lescasse » October 12th, 2018, 12:42 pm

I am just thinking aloud and maybe what I am going to say is irrelevant.

If APL64 is to include so many extensions as described in your .pdf document that would make it a "modern" language, and in the hope that it could this time be sold to or attract other people than the APL community, have you thought about not including "APL" in the product name?

If you decide to do this, then the product should probably come along with the possibility to optionally use keywords instead of APL symbols.
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Re: Product Name

Postby Davin Church » October 12th, 2018, 1:38 pm

I agree that it would be a more marketable language, but I don't think that removing "APL" is appropriate to fix that. For one thing, it really IS APL, not just another offshoot. For another, I don't think that there's enough "bad press" out there about APL any more to dissuade anyone new from picking it up. In that respect, any name should be just as good as another.

Of course, I also LIKE the idea of calling it APL (personally).
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Re: Product Name

Postby Ajay Askoolum » October 14th, 2018, 3:22 am

It is not the name of the language but the fact that it remains a black box that is the issue. Hence my suggestion for APL For C# Developers. In other words, the APL+Win documentation needs to focus on recruiting new users.

In its hey day, nothing came close to matching APL functionality. It provided a self contained development environment; you did not even have to understand any aspect of the operating system APL was running under. This proved to be a a huge attraction. Over time:

1. the number of people so attracted are dwindling fast.
2. the weaknesses in the language becomes more and more exposed.
3. other languages, being better documented by way of worked examples on the internet, represent a less steep wall for those new to programming and APL fails to attract.

Where APL has been innovative, it has failed to capitalize because it has been for existing developers, not newcomers.

An APL with reserved keywords in place of symbols at user discretion (i.e. you can choose whether you want to use keywords or symbols) might be the catalyst that gives APL a look-in in this, the age of data lakes where big budgets are being used to identify competitive edge strategies or to make them profitable.

The data deluge means that a self-contained environment no longer makes sense - APL needs to cater for multi-structured hybrid input from outside of its workspace and component files, almost in real time. Data is now more highly perishable and volatile - workspace repositories are no longer fit for purpose.
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