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VisualAPL - Using a Hashtable

Postby joe_blaze » August 30th, 2008, 3:47 pm

VisualAPL is not limited to the basic data types traditionally supported in legacy APL implementations. At the programmer's option, an instance of a .Net data type can be created and used by VisualAPL. Attached is a simple example of VisualAPL creating and accessing the data values in a .Net hashtable.

While a hashtable is easy to emulate in APL using []ss or dyadic iota, when its necessary for an APL-based application system component to inter-operate with components written in other .Net languages, using the native .Net hashtable data type is the preferred choice. Learn more about .Net hash tables starting with:

The 'Cielo Explorer' is the fully-interactive VisualAPL 'session' included with VisualAPL. Functions or scripts created in the 'Cielo Explorer' session can be easily compiled within a VisualAPL .Net assembly.

The attachment "VisualAPL_Hashtable_Example.pdf" is a listing from a Cielo Explorer session showing the instantiation and use of a .Net HashTable.

The attachment "VisualAPL_UsingCollections(ArrayList, HashTable, Generics).pdf" provides more detail on using other .Net datatypes in VisualAPL.
VisualAPL_UsingCollections(ArrayList, HashTable, Generics).pdf
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