Type Casting in VisualAPL

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Type Casting in VisualAPL

Postby joe_blaze » September 8th, 2008, 5:53 pm

Sometimes it is desirable, for enhanced performance or to interoperate with a non-VisualAPL language, to cast a VisualAPL 'CVAR' type variable to another data type.

For example (in Cielo Explorer - the VisualAPL 'session):

Cielo Explorer for Visual Studio - Professional v1
Cielo 1.0.7001
Copyright © VisualCielo. All rights reserved.
clear session


Strong data typing may be used to enhance performance of a VisualAPL function or coerce data to a data type which is required for a specific .Net class.

To see more examples of type coercion, download the attached file "More_VisualAPL_TypeCasting.pdf".

To see an example of coercing the datatype of the result of the []ucs function, download the attached "DataTyping and []UCS Example.pdf" file.

To see the potential performance benefits of VisualAPL using strong data typing, download the "Visual_StrongDataTyping_Performance.pdf" document and the associated Visual Studio 2008 VisualAPL console project in the "VectorProcessTiming.zip" file.
Review this document to see how array-based operations result in CVAR, but can be cast to any appropriate .Net type.
(101.3 KiB) Downloaded 197 times
This document describes potential performance advantages of strong data typing compared to dynamic data typing.
(552.88 KiB) Downloaded 194 times
This VisualAPL project illustrates performance timing advantages of strong data typing.
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DataTyping and []UCS Example.pdf
This document illustrates the coercion of the results of the []ucs VisualAPL function.
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This document illustrates more strong data typing in VisualAPL examples.
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