APLNext Lightweight Array Engine - Example #2

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APLNext Lightweight Array Engine - Example #2

Postby joe_blaze » November 30th, 2008, 3:49 pm

The APLNext Lightweight Array Engine is a suite of fully-managed .Net assemblies designed to provide the benefits of APL to the C# programming environment. The APLNext LAE is designed for an experienced C# programmer and does not require APL characters, APL syntax or an APL compiler. The APLNext LAE extends many powerful operators from scalars to arrays of the dynamically-typed Cielo Variable (cvar) class.

The attached pdf-format document contains a simple example of a C# console project which Illustrates the 'dynamic data typing' and array-based operator extensions of the APLNext LAE.

The APLNext VisualAPL product also incorporates the LAE. VisualAPL is designed for the experienced APL programmer, providing a fully-managed .Net APL implementation integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio, including the APL character set, APL syntax, an APL compiler and the Cielo Explorer interactive session and scripting engine.

Contact sales@apl2000.com for more information about licensing either of these products.
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