APLNext VisualAPL: Versioning of the .msi installer

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APLNext VisualAPL: Versioning of the .msi installer

Postby joe_blaze » March 12th, 2009, 2:38 am

The .msi installer for APLNext VisualAPL uses a versioning sequence which is different from the APLNext VisualAPL product which the .msi installs. This is because these .Net products are created with Microsoft Visual Studio and the .msi installer is a separate project included in APLNext VisualAPL solution source code. In addition is is also possible that an update to the .msi installer will be made which is independent of the product it installs.

Therefore after installing the product using the .msi installer, view the version number of the APLNext VisualAPL product by using the Help > About menu item on the main form of Visual Studio. As described above it may be different from the version number of the .msi installer for the product.
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