No Global Variables in .Net?

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No Global Variables in .Net?

Postby joe_blaze » May 2nd, 2009, 5:05 am

Because of adherence to OOP principles in .Net, global variables, as traditional APL programers know them, are not directly implemented in .Net languages.

Not to worry though, because the downloads associated with this thread provide alternatives available in all .Net languages and also provide information and a Visual Studio 2008 solution illustrating the VisualAPL "Application-shared Datastore" which provides APL programmers with easy-to-implement 'global' variables - if they need them.
VisualAPL Application-shared Datastore.pdf
Download this .pdf-format document which considers 'global' variables in .Net (C#, VB.Net and VisualAPL).

It also describes the VisualAPL 'Application-shared Datastore' in detail.
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Application Shared Data
Download this .zip file which contains a Visual Studio 2008 VisualAPL console project which illustrates the use of the VisualAPL "Application-shared Datastore".
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