XML Serialization in VisualAPL

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XML Serialization in VisualAPL

Postby joe_blaze » May 2nd, 2009, 7:01 pm

In .Net data can be serialized in several formats, including 'binary' and 'XML'. Microsoft Visual Studio includes an XML Editor which can be used to edit VisualAPL variables because VisualAPL includes an XML Serializer.

Check the downloads attached to this thread to see details of how a programmer can easily edit and update VisualAPL variables in XML Serialilzed format. The VisualAPL XML Serializer can be used in the Cielo Explorer session and in a VisualAPL class library under function control.

Legacy APL implementations provided proprietary serialization options, e.g. "quad-wrapl in APL+Win, which are not compatible with mainstream methods of serialization.
This is an updated version of the VS2008 solution which illustrates using the VisualAPL XML Serializer under program control. The new version incorporates exception handling into the XMLSerialize and XMLDeserialize VisualAPL methods and simplifies the re
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This .zip file contains a Visual Studio solution which illustrates how to use the VisualAPL XML Serializer under program control.
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What's Behind the )xmlout Command.pdf
Download this .pdf-format document to understand the 'behind-the-scenes' operation of the )xmlout Cielo Explorer command.
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VisualAPL XML Serialization in the Cielo Explorer Session.pdf
Download this .pdf-format document to learn about the VisualAPL XML Serializer in the Cielo Explorer session
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VisualAPL XML Serialization in APL+Win

Postby joe_blaze » November 10th, 2010, 5:00 am

An APL+Win v10.1 workspace has been implemented which supports an XML serialization methodology compatible with that of VisualAPL.

The attached pdf-format document provides examples of VisualAPL serialization of APL arrays and the APL+Win analogue of those XML serializations.

The attached zip-format file contains the APL+Win workspace which implements the functions to perform this XML serialization. This workspace is provided without warranty of any kind. Always prepare a viable backup of your system before using this workspace.
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