Complete VisualAPL Application Development Example

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Complete VisualAPL Application Development Example

Postby joe_blaze » May 15th, 2009, 9:55 pm

This thread provides a complete, step-by-step example of creating a .Net application system:
    Using Visual Studio 2008 as the IDE (Interactive Development Environment
    C# WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for the GUI (Graphical User Interface)
    VisualAPL for the user-input data validation
    VisualAPL for the business rules (calculations)
    VisualAPL accessing Microsoft Excel for the 'static' data component
    Visual Studio Setup Wizard for the .msi (Microsoft Installer) deployment

Event handlers in the WPF GUI access VisualAPL functions in a class library (.Net assembly). VisualAPL functions return values which are presented in the WPF GUI.

In the sample application system the end user selects a mortality table from a list of available tables and enters an age. When the calculate button is pressed the system determines the "curtate expectation of life" for that age based on the selected mortality table. The mortality tables ('static' data) are stored in a Microsoft Excel 2007 workbook which is accessed during the application system GUI presentation and during the application system calculations.

On 05/22/2009, the project files in "" were updated to add additional remarks(comments) to the C# and VisualAPL functions.

On 05/23/2009, the project files in "" were updated to correct a programming error in the GetTableNames() and GetTableValues functions, which was preventing Excel from properly closing.

On 06/01/2009, the project files in "" were updated to remove the signing of the BSSI_GETqx project. Signing was used in a (futile) attempt to avoid a security message which appeared when the project was unzipped to a machine running Visual Studio 2008 on the Vista operating system.
The attached .zip format file contains a Visual Studio 2008 solution with a C# WPF GUI project, a VisualAPL class library project and a Visual Studio 2008 Setup (.msi) project.
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Complete Example of VisualAPL Application Development.pdf
The attached .pdf-format document provides the step-by-step development of the Visual Studio 2008 solution for the sample application system.
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