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Postby Ajay Askoolum » May 23rd, 2009, 4:59 am

Cielo Explorer

1. The version in the 'Express' version was 1.0.7002; now, much later, it is 1.0.7001. Is something amiss here?

2. It is not possible to type the APL lamp symbol in the session.

3. If you create a Cielo project, then create a script using )edit myscript, then you can fix the code from the script into the session using Ctrl E + E. A project called CieloSession is created in the background.

If you then rename the Cielo project, make changes to the same script file, the same key combination does not work i.e. it fails for me. Am I missing something here?
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Not Bugs

Postby joe_blaze » May 23rd, 2009, 8:29 pm

The correct version of Cielo Explorer for Visual Studio 2008 is 1.0.7001
which is what has been made available in the VisualAPL Forum on the APL2000.com website at http://forum.apl2000.com/viewtopic.php?t=427. The previously available and now discontinued Express version was for Visual Studio 2005 only and had a different release number sequence.

If desired you can implement the traditional APL lamp (comment) symbol on your keyboard. It is not a bug that the traditional APL lamp/comment symbol is not, by default, implemented in VisualAPL. There is a keyboard short-cut conflict with that symbol and a Microsoft-determined short-cut (for the "Alt+," keystroke), so we decided to leave out the lamp in the VisualAPL for Visual Studio 2008 version. Since the Visual Studio standard "//" comment feature is available we thought that this was ok to do. Basically with respect to the VisualAPL keyboard short-cuts, where possible we are leaving it up to individual users to customize the keyboard themselves. In this way each programmer using VisualAPL can decide to override Microsoft keyboard short-cut defaults with VisualAPL ones and resolve conflicts and contention for the limited number of keys available. However if you would like to restore the traditional APL lamp symbol, go to the forum and read the .pdf documents at: http://forum.apl2000.com/viewtopic.php?t=442, where I illustrate how to do this.

A Cielo project is like any other Visual Studio 2008 project. The project name and the associated project properties requires editing when changing the name.
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