APLNext LightWeight Array Engine - Example #3

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APLNext LightWeight Array Engine - Example #3

Postby joe_blaze » August 28th, 2009, 3:18 am

In this example, a C# project illustrates how to access a VisualAPL script and use the VisualAPL functions defined within that script from any .Net language.

A VisualAPL script is an alternative available to compiling VisualAPL source code into a .Net assembly.

The attached 'VisualAPL Script and VisualAPL Lightweight Array Engine.pdf' document describes the C# project, displays the VisualAPL script with APL function definitions and illustrates the output of the C# project.

The attached 'C# ConsoleApp Using VisualAPL Script.zip' contains the source code for the C# project illustrating this concept.
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C# ConsoleApp Using VisualAPL Script.zip
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