VisualAPL Comments at the APL2000 2010 User Conference

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VisualAPL Comments at the APL2000 2010 User Conference

Postby Tech Support » May 3rd, 2010, 1:34 pm

Is it possible to implement a debugging facility when a VisualAPL Cielo Explorer script is run?

The current, Visual Studio 2008 version of VisualAPL uses the Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger whenever Microsoft makes it available in a Visual Studio 2008 session. Microsoft makes it possible to use the Visual Studio 2008 Debugger when a VisualAPL .Net assembly (class library) is being debugged and when individual lines of code are programmer-entered in a Cielo Explorer session. However in Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft does not support the use of the Visual Studio 2008 Debugger in an 'external' window, such as that used by the Cielo Explorer when running a script. Sscr. The APLNext developer team is studying the recently released Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SDK to determine if Microsoft has extended the use of the Debugger to 'external' windows in Visual Studio 2010.

Will APL2000 present a Visual APL 'training class'?
Depending on customer requests, a VisualAPL 'training class' will be considered. Currently the APL2000 Forum VisualAPL section provides videos, technical documentation, sample projects and numerous explanatory pdf-format documents about VisualAPL. VisualAPL subscribers have access to the APL2000 HelpDesk as questions about the product arise.

Is a 'compiler-only' version of VisualAPL, i.e. without the Visual Studio 2008 component, under consideration?

Prior to the release of VisualAPL for Visual Studio 2008, a 'compiler-only' version of VisualAPL was made available as a demonstration and evaluation version. There are no plans to make available a 'compiler-only' version of VisualAPL for production use because:
  • There is minimal potential customer interest in such a version
  • Such a version would present an inferior programmer interface [text editor, manual compiling and no debugger] that is far less convenient and powerful than the Visual Studio IDE, which includes Intellisense, syntax analysis, type-ahead code entry, comprehensive debugger, menu-driven compiler control and many other superior programming aids.
  • The existence and maintenance of such a version would divert resources from continuing the design of the VisualAPL product as integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio
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