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VisualAPL Comprehensive Documentation

Postby joe_blaze » August 27th, 2010, 12:13 am

VisualAPL is comprehensively documented. Much of the documentation will be familiar to existing APL programmers. However there are many unique features incorporated into VisualAPL which can be explored by reviewing this documentation carefully.

For those programmers unfamiliar with Microsoft Visual Studio, besides the Microsoft-provided documentation for Visual Studio, the "Visual_Studio_Book" documentation supplied with VisualAPL highlights many of the powerful features of Visual Studio to make programming more effective.

The attached documents provide pdf-format versions of the same documentation which is installed with the VisualAPL product in chm-format. Although it is convenient to view the documentation using the pdf-format documents provided here, be sure to check for updated documentation when a new version of VisualAPL is installed on your workstation.
This document includes the entire VisualAPL programmer documentation, plus the "VisualAPL Tutorial" section.

Updated version with pdf-bookmarks and improved text as of 11/07/2010
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This document describes the Cielo operators, i.e. the traditional, core APL operators implemented in VisualAPL.
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This document describes Native file access, Cielo Explorer commands, Code flow control, Syntax characters, System functions, constants & variables, primitive scalar operators and component file access in VisualAPL
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This document describes the 'intrinsic' operators, based on C# syntax, that have been implemented in VisualAPL.
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VisualAPL is a .Net language implemented using Microsoft-specified techniques based on its grammar.
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Visual Studio Tips & Tricks
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