VisualAPL in a 64-bit Environment

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VisualAPL in a 64-bit Environment

Postby joe_blaze » November 19th, 2010, 5:18 am

VisualAPL is a .Net language, so it can take advantage of the 64-bit hardware and operating system environment. In a 64-bit environment up to 2*64 bytes or approximately 1.8E10 Gb of physical memory can be allocated to a VisualAPL application system. Note that this amount is reduced by the requrements of the operating system (generally about 2 Gb) and that amount of memory already allocated to running instances of other application systems.

Contrast this 64-bit environment capability with the up to 2-3 Gb of physical memory available for allocation to an application sytem in the in a 32-bit environment.

Of course in both 32- and 64-bit environments, Windows can allocate virtual, hard-disk based memory to an application system, but that 'paging' memory is vastly slower than physical memory.

Review the attached pdf-format document to see a VisualAPL application that creates several 2Gb arrays in physical memory using a 64-bit environment.

The attached zip-format file contains the VisualAPL 'Console Project' referenced in the pdf-format document.
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