Easy Conversion of APL+Win Component Files to VisualAPL Comp

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Easy Conversion of APL+Win Component Files to VisualAPL Comp

Postby Tech Support » January 19th, 2011, 5:59 pm

The attached Microsoft installer (APLNext.APLWinCompFileConverterXMLSetupV3.0.4.msi) will install a utility to convert one or more APL+Win traditional or colossal component files to VisualAPL component files.

Although .Net provides many alternatives to support the "data tier" of a .Net solution, sometimes traditional APL component files are appropriate.

In the situation where an APL+Win application system is being converted to VisualAPL, this utility can be used to convert pre-existing APL+Win component files to the VisualAPL component file format. Documentation for this utility, including the required user-provided environment, is also included (APLNext.APLWinCompFileConverter.pdf).


APL+Win v10.2 and newer

Version History:

Modified the C# WPF GUI to use Horizontal Alignment = "Stretch" for the Listview control
Coordinated the installer version name and the application system version to V3.0.4

Modified the VisualAPL class to close the VisualAPL component file after creation

Replace binary serialization with XML serializtion

This was the initial version of this utility.
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