Simple Sample: Expose an APL+Win function as a web service

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Simple Sample: Expose an APL+Win function as a web service

Postby joe_blaze » June 26th, 2015, 12:02 am

The attached pdf-format document illustrates exposing an APL+Win function as a web service using APLNext Application Server to create a dynamic-content web site.
This project illustrates one of the fundamental techniques for creating web sites and web services which incorporate the convenience and power of APL+Win.
The project includes:
    An html-format browser-based client GUI to capture the user input and transmit the request to APLNext Application Server
    An APL+Win workspace containing an APL+Win function to perform the business rules algorithm and prepare an html-format response to the client
APLNext Application Server - Simple Sample.pdf
Step-by-step recipe for creating a dynamic-content web site supported by an APL+Win function
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