Live Demonstration APLNext WebServices Application

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Live Demonstration APLNext WebServices Application

Postby joe_blaze » July 28th, 2010, 1:46 am

To see a demonstration APL Web Services application go to This is a live demonstration project into which you may enter values and obtain results using APL Web Services and APL+Win. This demonstration application:

Uses a browser-based [html page] client user interface which captures user input.

The Submit button on this html page sends the user input via the http protocol to a remote Windows server machine connected to the internet.

On this 'server' machine port 9001 directs the input to APLNext Web Services running on the 'server' machine.

APL Web Services provides the user input information to an APL+Win workspace already running on the server machine.

The APL+Win workspace processes the user-input request and creates an html page to format the result for the user.

The APL Web Services receives the html page result from the APL+Win workspace and returns this html page with the results to the client browser.
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HTML or PDF form Client GUI with APLNext Application Server

Postby joe_blaze » July 16th, 2015, 6:22 am

This topic provides the source code and implementation documentation for the live demonstration.

This APLNext Application Server project includes:
    Step-by-step documentation to build this sample 'internal rate of return' website.
    An html-format client-side form to capture user input
    A pdf-format client-side form to capture the same user input
    A server-side APL+Win functions to perform the 'internal rate of return' calculations/business rules.
    Server-side APL+Win functions to prepare an html-format response document for the web-based client

This project material is also installed when the APLNext Application Server software is installed on a target machine.
Using APL WebServices with an HTML or PDF Client GUI.pdf
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