GUI Development Options in Visual Studio & VisualAPL

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GUI Development Options in Visual Studio & VisualAPL

Postby joe_blaze » April 17th, 2009, 6:04 am

There are several options for creating the GUI (graphical user interface) in a Visual Studio solution:
    WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Microsoft's replacement for System.Windows.Forms
    Silverlight (lightweight version of .Net for browser-based development)
    System.Windows.Forms (Microsoft GUI controls from generation prior to WPF)
    APLNext.Qwi.dll (VisualAPL support for legacy []wi Win32 GUI controls)
Using the DataGrid Control in the WPFToolkit.pdf
Microsoft has developed the WPFToolkit.dll which provides additional WPF GUI controls. This .pdf-format document describes how to incorporate the "DataGrid" WPF control into a WPF GUI project.
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The attached .zip file contains a Visual Studio solution. The solution includes a C# WPF GUI project and a VisualAPL class library project. The solution illustrates how a WPF GUI can call VisualAPL functions in a class library.
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WPF FileOpenDialog
The attached .zip file contains a Visual Studio 2008 project which illustrates the use of the FileOpen dialog in WPF.

The project also illustrates how to incorporate a WebBrowser control in a WPF GUI.
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Legacy []wi GUI in VisualAPL.pdf
The attached .pdf-format document describes the VisualAPL support for the legacy []wi feature of APL+Win.

In addition, the document provides information about using the System.Windows.Forms .Net namespace and the .Net 3.5 Windows Presentation Foundation
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