Visual Studio Intellisense (autocomplete) in VisualAPL

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Visual Studio Intellisense (autocomplete) in VisualAPL

Postby joe_blaze » October 23rd, 2008, 2:26 pm

"Intellisense" is a form of "autocomplete" available for all .Net languages when the Visual Studio IDE (interactive development environment) is used.

Editing a .Net language Unicode source file in a text editor outside of Visual Studio does not provide Intellisense support.

Intellisense is available both in the Visual Studio programming window when creating a VisualAPL 'class library' or other compiled VisualAPL project and when the immediate-mode, interactive VisualAPL Cielo Explorer session is being used.
Visual Studio Tab Completion of Intellisense Selection.pdf
The Visual Studio Intellisense item selection can be made using either the Tab or the Enter keystroke with important differences.
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See Intellisense in action in the VisualAPL Cielo Explorer session.
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